Pacific Blue Engineering Collaborates with Entertainment Ride Controls OEM in Europe!

Pacific Blue Engineering meeting with the ride oem team in Vicenza, Italy to review a ride control system. Then traveled to Paris, France to visit the entertainment park where the ride will be implemented! It’s always exciting to witness how many global industries Automation & Control touches.  From rides in Paris, France to cheese bagging in […]


If you don’t plan and schedule time for legacy PLC migrations, your equipment will schedule time for you! A customer’s legacy green board PLC, controlling a cheese bagging process, permanently failed. This resulted in immediate production downtime. Legacy parts were no longer available. They had no program, no functional hardware, and no schematics. Fortunately they […]

Welcome to the Pacific Blue Engineering team Ryan Bradley !

Ryan will be leading the California Central Valley area (Modesto, Fresno, Stockton, and Sacramento) as the Engineering & Automation Manager. Ryan has 15+ years of experience in the control system integration space, serving customers with passion, integrity, and industry leading technical capabilities!

Welcome Home Michael!

Congrats to┬áMichael Alio┬áfor a successful completion of an 18 month international work engagement abroad! What an amazing journey both professionally and personally. Michael began as a Site Acceptance Test resource for an attraction at a theme park and gained an increasing amount of responsibility as a trusted Responsible Individual for a Ride Control System. The […]