Legacy Migration

As older technology becomes obsolete, it is imperative to convert your equipment to a modern platform. Integrating the latest equipment in your facility enables you to access valuable information about your process that legacy products weren't capable of obtaining...

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PLC Upgrades

Relay Control to PLC Migration

Your PLC was originally commissioned 20 years ago, you don’t have electrical schematics, wire labels are barely legible….no problem. We will reverse engineer your PLC and associated field I/O, retrofit it with the latest controls hardware, and procure a fresh set of electrical schematics.

Complex Motion Applications

Motion applications are typically more complex than your standard discrete PLC migration. You need to bring in the big guns. Pacific Blue has heavy hitting motion control experts to modernize your motion control system

AC & DC Drive Conversions

From your standard pump and conveyor applications to advanced master follower with torque control, we can convert your old school AC & DC Drives.

Network Architecture Modernization

You already know that your network is vitally important. It serves as the central nervous system of the automation control architecture. Legacy networks are bottlenecks to modernizing your entire platform and can cause devastating unplanned downtime. Our team surgically decommissions your existing infrastructure and implements a modern network architecture to keep your operations running efficiently.

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Variable Frequency Drives

Networks & Infrastructure

Motion Control

Electrical Design


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